Holding statement regarding work at the Glory Hole, La Boisselle

Numerous people have contacted the LBSG requesting information on the future of archaeological excavations at the Glory Hole.

At present we are able only to offer a holding statement. In November 2013 during the final archaeological excavations of the season, and indeed of the initial three-year contract period, the Group was advised by the landowner/president of the Association des Amis de l’Ilôt de La Boisselle (hereafter, Ilôt Association), Mme. Claudie Llewellyn-Lejeune, that a new contract was being drawn up and that meetings were required with LBSG members to discuss details.

No meetings took place, and the Group was not contacted for verbal or written advice or discussion. The LBSG frequently requested updates.

In late April of this year the Group were surprised to receive a draft contract from the Ilôt Association. For reasons that will be made clear in future statements on this website, in May the contract was universally declined. Mme Llewellyn-Lejeune and all members of the Ilôt Association were informed why rejection had been considered obligatory. However, the key issues had been made known to them on numerous previous occasions.

No further correspondence or communication has been received from the Ilôt Association.

Given the number of individuals and businesses associated with our work at the Glory Hole since 2011, discussions concerning the publication of certain aspects of the project have been long and complex. A detailed statement will be posted on this website as soon as consultations with British and French lawyers are concluded. Our thanks to all supporters for their patience.

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