Please take a look at our fundraising film which includes footage from the British tunnel system at the Glory Hole as well as providing information on the project’s aims, philosophy and methodology.
We are actively seeking funding partners. If you are interested in helping in any way, with sponsorship or volunteering your services then please visit the Donate Page or Contact us.

Please find below a short film using extracts from interviews with ex-tunnellers and footage of the exploration of the British tunnel system at the Glory Hole.

The Glory Hole at La Boisselle from La Boisselle Study Group on Vimeo.

This videos above are copyright the La Boisselle Study Group and cannot be reproduced without their permission. We are aware of the problems with sync. and are endeavouring to fix it. Please contact us for details.

8 October 2013: Another new video from Tim Beach showing the laser scanning from July 2013. The site is shown in context with special focus on the ongoing excavations around the Granathof farm complex.

12 November 2012: This new six minute video shows 3D laser scans carried out in June and October 2012 of the “Glory Hole” and Lochnagar Crater at La Boisselle. The survey shows parts of the British tunnel system at the 80ft level accessed via W Shaft. It was carried out by Multi-Limn and Frankham Consultancy Group using Leica C10 and ScanStation 2 Laser scanners, and animated using Pointools.

Please find a short video showing a fly-through of W Adit and W Shaft chamber. This video, produced from a laser-scan survey was compiled by Tim Beach. Fieldwork was undertaken by Margaret Beach. Our grateful thanks to them both for their assistance.

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  1. Tres emu en regardant ces videos au travail effectuer par votre equipe

  2. Incredible work! Congratulations! All my best. We are lucky to have an expert team like yours.

  3. A friend of mine Nigel Greenaway gave me the site address. I have been along the front looking at every thing I could while me
    and my son drive along the front staying here and there. I have always thought it would be a nice thing to be able to help
    find out more about the brave lost souls. I am 73, fit as a fiddle and can dig with the best. It would good if me and my son could
    help for a week if possible.
    My very best regards
    B Lawler

  4. Good day , I watched a programme about your work last evening and had to write to say how it touched me.
    Thank you for the work you are doing to help the fallen brave live on in all our memories.
    Allan , Liverpool ,England.

  5. Un épisode de la guerre 14/18 que je ne connaissais pas…..les vidéos sont intéressantes mais dommage qu’elles ne soient pas traduites en Français…!
    Mon website consacré à la première guerre mondiale ==>

  6. Truly amazing, both the work you are doing and the videos shown here..
    Keep up the good work, always willing to come and help!

  7. from 1980 on i come two times a year to visit the somme battlefields standing mouthwatering in front of this fence and now it is open FANTASTIC

  8. Truly amazing, i love anything to do with the 1914-1918 War my grandfather was on the Somme and was shot in the shoulder and the leg but survived. He was also at Mons. It must have been hell on earth because he did not speak much about the War but was clearly affected by having flashbacks on occasions. On one visit i saw him he suddently told me to get down as the ‘****’ were coming again! Thanks for thevideos it feels like you are actually entering the tunnels!

  9. Superb Videos really enjoying watching this project develop. Such a time and place in History. Thank you

  10. Great videos but not the same as seeing the area and work in person. It is obvious that a great deal of work and pride
    and professionalism is involved in this work.

  11. Wow what can I say, amazing.

  12. Fantastic new 3d laser scan video!
    Well done.

  13. It is wonderful!

    Thanks very much

  14. I have had the privilege of visiting the La Boiselle site on a few occasions with staff and pupils from Dayncourt School, Radcliffe on Trent, under the auspices of Mr Jason King. Having walked the rim of the ‘Glory Hole’ and remembered the fallen, this project adds further insight into the lives of the soldiers who gave so much towards the goal of freedom and justice. The videos above are very helpful in setting the tone and the scene of the battlefield. What a sadness that the intelligence and skill of the tunnellers was not able to be used in peacetime effort and inevitably led to massive losses to our soldiers and those whom they were fighting. They were brave indeed, despite the massive odds.
    Thanks for the website.

  15. I have been studying and visiting the Somme for over 20 years having discovered my Great Uncle, Henry George Hubbock, had fought and died on the Western Front. He is commemorated on Thiepval monument as he died and was lost forever on 15th Sept 1916 pushing for the Starfish trench at High Wood. A visit to The Glory Hole was therefore a huge must for me as Henry George may have passed this way onto High Wood, he may have been in this very place, he may have walked where I walked…….I will never know…..It was therefore a fantastic experience for me, my son and my brother in law ( a first timer on the Somme) and it definately wont be our last. Everyone we came into contact with was friendly, knowledgable and enthusiastic, exploring the past so that future generations can never forget the sacrifice and suffering.

    Thanks everybody for being patient with us but with special thanks to Peter for the guided tour and for Ewan and Stuart for the humour and beers in the evening in Albert. We are already planning the next time.

  16. Wonderful weekend guys – thanks again.

  17. Wonderful work by Peter and his team to uncover and tell the story of the soldiers of many nations who fought at La Boisselle. I had the chance to catch up with peter on site and the project is inspiring and so very important. I urge all to donate to help get this done.

    Dean Mighell

  18. Such a noble and worthy project – this is the sort of thing that money should be spent on. Lets hope we never see a war like this again, but lets make sure it echoes down the decades as a lesson and reminder to us all of how we’ve benefitted from the sacrifice of others.

  19. In to the dark,in to the dark to remain for close on a Hundred years.
    Now we see light at the end of our tunnels.We thank you all.

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