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  1. Hello I have since my last email been waiting for the article to appear, I have rang time after and asked for a date, I now appears that the reporter I spoke to and who visited me has now left, and the article has vanished, I will email you the papers email to me.

    Would it be a okay to down load some more pictures so we can start again

    Ken Warne

  2. Hello I am in the process of having an article printed in the locals papers about an incident that occurred on 25th April 1915, in which two RE members were killed by carbon monoxide gas and four more had to be rescued. After this The Royal Humane Society awarded 5 Silver Medals and nine Bronze for their heroic rescue attempts. I would like a couple of pictures showing the underground tunnels. Can you email a couple for publication with the article, I will of course mention in the article where they came from along with your website details
    REgards Ken

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