Our work from 2011-14 has been self-funded and via donations from supporters and visitors to the site as well as two grants from CIRAS (Centre Interdisciplinaire des Recherches archéologiques de la Somme).

Physical investigations have been completed according to our 3-year contract but our work is far from complete. We are now working on analysis and interpretation of the archaeological evidence to place it in its wider historical context. This information will be made available via our website and full reports will be submitted to DRAC Picardie, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the Ministry of Defence. Archival work continues in German, French and British archives.

Should you wish to contribute to the La Boisselle Study Group’s ongoing work then a variety of ways are shown below:

Online via PayPal

Transfer money via Internet Banking

Our bank account details are:

S/C: 20-13-34
A/C No: 33580342

International Bank Account Number (IBAN): GB20BARC20133433580342
SWIFT Branch Identifier Code (SWIFTBIC): BARCGB22


These should be made payable to ‘La Boisselle Study Group’ and sent to the address below. A receipt will be issued on request.

La Boisselle Study Group
7 Osborne Avenue
St Andrews

7 Responses to Donate

  1. I noticed that the latest response was 2013, are you still in existence?

    • Yes Bill, we are still very much in existence. No longer working on the site at La Boisselle but writing reports, giving lectures and making plans for future work.
      Best wishes,
      Jeremy Banning (Admin)

  2. Sadly I was unable to attend the recent lecture in Reading however would you please keep me informed of any further developments as we would be interested in helping in the future perhaps hands on!

  3. Congratulations on your excellent project. I visited the Lochnagar site in March but was not aware of your work. My interest in the area is that my grandfather (Percy William Hemming) was killed at La Boisselle on 3rd July 1916. He was serving with the 10th Battalion of the Worcester Regiment. From the various books on the subject it appears that he died in or near Y Sap and not at the Glory Hole. He is commemorated at Thiepval because his body was never found.
    Mark Hemming

  4. Congratulations on what you have already achieved. This is a significant and exceptional project and is all the more momentous because of the timing in relation to the centenary. Spirit of Remembrance is a strong supporter of your work and is committed to help you however we can. We wish you every success.

  5. sue robinson (wenches in Trenches)

    Fabulous project well worth our time and attention. We are pleased to be committed to helping and supporting the project for the forseeable future.

  6. What a fantastic project this is and a fitting memorial to all those that served on the Western Front, most specifically in the key village of La Boisselle. Battle Honours are certainly committed to supporting this incredible venture as it grows over the coming years up to and through the centenary, good luck with this project we very look forward in assisting you in whatever way we can

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